Scott W. Binder, MD

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Member Since: 2018
Title: Associate
Education: Chicago Medical School
Specialty Expertise: Dermatopathology
Other interests:

Scott W. Binder, MD, is board-certified in Anatomic, Clinical, and Dermatopathology. Having earned his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Chicago, Dr. Binder completed the residency program at UCLA. As part of his residency program, he specialized in gastrointestinal pathology under Drs. Klaus Lewin and Wilfred Weinstein. He attended Scripps Clinic/Naval Hospital San Diego for his dermatopathology fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. James Graham. After the dermatopathology fellowship training, he completed a preceptorship with A. Bernard Ackerman, MD, at New York University. Dr. Binder began his academic career as an Associate Clinical Professor at USC/LA County Medical Center, and was recruited by Cedars-Sinai as Director of Surgical Pathology and Head of Dermatopathology and Gastrointestinal Pathology. In 2001, Dr. Binder joined the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UCLA where he was Professor of Clinical Pathology and Professor of Dermatology. In 2006, Dr. Binder was appointed as Senior Vice Chair of the Department and Director of Clinical Pathology Services; in 2007, he was chosen as the Pritzker Family Chair of Clinical Pathology and Dermatology. In 2002, Dr. Binder founded the Dermatopathology Fellowship Program at UCLA and trained fellows for 15 years who hold both academic and community-based positions across the US. He has trained international scholars from countries including China, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Japan, and South Korea among others. With over 10 years' experience in the collaboration and establishment of western and traditional academic medical enterprises in China, Dr. Binder was inducted into the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 2006. With over 50 publications and more than 100 invited speakerships at the national and international level, Dr. Binder was the recipient and principal investigator of a $12M grant from the State of California in Telepathology Medicine (Digital Pathology), and co-investigator of a $4.5M grant for the study of Genomic Sequencing of Malignant Gliomas and Melanomas. Among his other accomplishments at UCLA, he expanded and guided the Clinical Genomics Service; created an International Telepathology Hub; co-created an Integrated Pathology & Radiology Cancer Report; and created and directed UCLA's large outpatient clinical laboratory, BURL.